Welcome to The Land of SugarBunnies

SugarBunnies is a collection of 100s of Bunny NFTs - unique digital collectibles who live in the delicious hills and valleys of SugarLand, all minted fresh on the Ethereum Blockchain (using ETH 1155 enabling very special and valuable unlockable properties over time!).

$Sugar Ecosystem

Your Bunnies are built directly into SugarLand's Roadmap to create an interlocking ecosystem, a $SUGAR Economy with innovative dApps, including: SugarLaunchpad, SugarLandBrand Merchandise Store, GameFi, Trading and so much more. All these utilities and dApps will be unlocked as Roadmap milestones are reached, and your SugarBunnies will be granted access to special Membership benefits.


Reward NFTs

Only Winners are whitelisted to mint Reward Bunny NFTs. The SugarLand Team hosted a series of Contests for Buying, Holding & Earning $SUGAR (not to mention holders earned SugarLand’s AMAZING Sugarnomics Reflections) to qualify to win a guaranteed SugarBunny. This was to reward early adopters & loyal supporters of the Sugarland project.

Where to buy – If you’ve joined Grand SugarLand after the initial launch and holding period, everyone can now buy, sell, and trade the SugarBunnies from the world’s leading NFT exchange, OpenSea!

After 30 Days Claim Time, rest of the NFts would be minted & put up for sale, while maintaing the price floor.

Mint your bunny

Family NFTs

Many styles, occupations, tiers, powers, unlockables and more!

Who can buy - Buying a Holder SugarBunny costs 0.08 ETH.

There are no price tiers; all Family Collection NFT costs the same for everyone.

50 Bunnies will be held for Giveaways, Contests, Contributors of the SugarBunny Collections.

Collect Your Reward SugarBunnies & Be the First Ones to Access Sugar dApps

Round 1 - Dawn Bunnies

Bunnies who believed in SugarLand at the Dawn of Time. They saw SugarLand's splendor way before others recognized it, and from that moment forward they entered SugarLand and became SugarLand's First Loyal Bunny Citizens

4 NFTS with 41 Editions Each

  • The Cake Palace
  • The Great Sugarland
  • The Bunny House
  • The Baker Bunny

Minted: 100/123

Round 2 - Sunshine Bunnies

Bunnies who first witnessed SugarLand when the sun was shining high. They saw SugarLand's splendor right before their eyes and were excited and amazed! From that moment forward they too entered SugarLand and became Loyal SugarLand Bunny Citizens.

8 NFTS - With 33 Editions Each

  • Icecream Sandwich
  • Glazed Donut
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Lollipop
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Berry Froyo
  • Fruit Sundae
  • Chocolate Strawberry

Minted: 100/123


Step 1) Connect Your Wallet With Metamask
Step 2) Get some ETH to pay for Network Gas Fee
Without using a CEX, you can get ETH over SimpleSwap.io
Step 3) If you know the NFT you won, Click on that Collections MINT Button.
Step 4) Add Contract Address as custom Address in your Metamask Phone app.
Metamask Extension is yet not updated to add NFT Collectibles.

If you have questions, ask a SugarLand Mod or Core Team Member

HOW TO ENTER & WIN | Diamond Series Contest is ONGOING

Like all SugarBunny Rounds, you need to BUY & HOLD $SUGAR Token
Minimum Holdings - 50 Billion $SUGAR

Snapshots are taken
before & after the contest starts, wallets with 0 sells qualify & win.
Starts on 1-OCT 00.00 UTC | Ends on 31-OCT 00.00 UTC
Starts on 15-OCT 00.00 UTC | Ends on 14-NOV 00.00 UTC
SugarBunnies are a part of Sugarland, a fun utility token on BSC with an ecosystem of dAPPS, launchpad, TrustScore Leader Board, NFTs, Games and more..

Visit www.Sugarlandcoin.com to learn more.

Sugarland Bunnies Story

The Story of SugarBunnies & the Origin of our NFTs

One day, many fabulous bunnies were building their amazing underground tunnels and homes, when they discovered the first Sugar vein! A HUGE supply, and they started filling their bags and enjoying the sweetness. The Sugar Bunnies wanted to share, to live in harmony with their neighbors, so through many adventures they built Grand SugarLand and invited everyone to join them! Thus was Sugarland born! Your Bunnies – these initial SugarBunny NFTs – represent you, the initial adopters and holders of $SUGAR cryptocurrency tokens. Thank you for being here! If you are reading this you are in extra special company, and you’re holding some very rare SugarBunnies indeed!

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